Posted by: Dawna Bate | January 20, 2013

The Beginning of the Countdown

This weekend marks the beginning of the countdown. For the past several years, we have spent a day each January with good friends touring The Toronto International Boat Show. At first, it was a place to dream and imagine. Now it is a place to shop – slowly ticking items off the list of things we need to make our dream come true. This year, we checked off davits. A few years ago, I had no idea what those were and there we were today: comparing different companies, discussing pros and cons, deciding on what kind of mounting plates we should use.

Every trip to the boat show has been the beginning of the countdown for me. Until we hit this weekend each year, fall and winter are just seasons that get in the way of sailing. Our trip to the show means that we start looking forward to when we can get Second Wind back in the water again. It means that there is hope for warmer weather ahead. It means that our dream is one season closer to becoming a reality.

Today, we are 12 weeks away from when we can first launch, if the weather is good. Insurance says that we have to wait until April 15 at the earliest to put the boat back in the water. I use that as my target date. For David, 12 weeks feels like forever. For me, I know how quickly 12 weeks can go – and how many things are happening between now and then. Whether time drags for us or flies by in a flash, we both know that in about 12 weeks, we’ll be installing davits.

An example of a dinghy on davits

An example of a dinghy on davits

Davits are metal arms with pulleys and ropes that are used to hoist and store items. The pair we bought will be mounted on the back of the boat (we would call that the stern) to hold our inflatable dinghy. The advantage of using the davits is two-fold: (1) We don’t have to drag the dinghy behind us when we are sailing and want to take it with us and (2) it is up, out of the way, and more secure so it won’t ‘accidentally’ drift off and be found by someone else. (Yes, by that, I mean stolen.)

Some days, it feels like forever before we can live our dream. I have to look at it from a different perspective – and think about how far we have come in this journey.

The davits will hoist our dinghy and make it more secure. Getting one more item off our list hoists my spirits – and keeps the dream secure. T minus 12 … and counting.



  1. Although these most recent posts are from 2013, your writing has got me in stitches. LOL. I’ve also learned about the parts of the sail boat I always got confused over. I love your methodology of remembering. You are a true sailor. I look forward to following you and David through your 2016/2017 sailing journey. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kelly. Unfortunately, the trip was put on hold. And has been put on hold again. We’re hoping that 3rd time is the charm.

      • Hi Dawna, i hope you’re ok. You’ve likely been spending time on the boat, even if not at sail, right?

        We finally have some warm weather. 🙂

        Ive been on holidays this week and been outside for most of it metal detecting. A hobby i grew up with and continued only 4 years ago. Today i’m too tired to do anything, so enjoying quiet time on the porch.

        Stay in touch.

      • Struggling with health stuff. I’ll be talking about it in future blog entries. Glad you’re back to a hobby you enjoy. Hope you had a great week.

      • You take care of you! You’ll be sailing soon.
        I did enjoy my week, although i think im now struggling from heat exhaustion. Need to drink more fluids. I can do that.
        So nice to chat. Have a nice day.

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